Man Wrongfully Arrested By Facial Recognition Tells Congress His Story

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True story. Years ago I went to Korea and they use facial recognition at immigration. I’m a short fat white guy. The guy wt immigration was laughing so hard his coworkers came over. I asked what was wrong and he turns the monitor around. Some Korean gangster, big heavy guy; listed as 99.9% chance I was him. They were still laughing while they stamped my entry visa and sent me on my way.


Police need criminal penalties for incompetence resulting in harm (including wrongful incarceration)… obviously also for great bodily harm and death. Why is that so crazy?


He was detained for 30 hours and wasn’t given any food or water. What sort of law is that??


I’m glad he stood up to face this situation


So , there’s an issue here of a faulty technology that identifies people. There’s a couple things that make up ‘privacy’ concerns in the Internet epoch: – 1) can you be identified? – 2) what data can be linked to that identity? – 3) what kind of discrimination is allowed based on that data? And in all of these, what is the reasonable expectation of recourse in the case of error at each of these steps? The privacy fight tends to zoom in on new technologies at step 1, but it’s 2 and 3 that matter most, because identity is going to be a solved fucking problem in very short time. So, sure, slow it down but I promise your employer, your lender, your insurance company are all pretty sure who you are, and that’s where the real trouble starts.