NAACP will offer to pay bail for Texas Democrats who fled state

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I guess I am donating to the NAACP again.


I am glad for this gesture, but is bail even involved in this instance? I thought that the “arrests” are meant to be made via the Sergeant At Arms of the Texas House, and it doesn’t involve incarceration or any criminal charges, but rather, simply trying to forcibly return those Democrats to the House to thereby reinstate the quorum. Or am I misunderstanding something?


I like their spirit, but if any of the dems have an iron clad will of steel, waiting it out in jail for like 6 months is heroic level fillibuster.


Didn’t Republican Reps in Oregon do this exact fucking thing and saw zero consequences?


Which is completely unnecessary, as the Texas Governor has zero authority to arbitrarily arrest members of the Texas Legislature. The Texas Speaker of the House has the power to DETAIN members within the confines of the legislature building, in order to force a vote, but they can’t be arrested and held in jail for doing something that is not illegal.