NASA Announces Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Reactor Concept Awards

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>Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation That sounds like a company name from the Simpsons. With Montgomery Burns in charge of finances and Homer, Lenny and Carl as safety engineers…


Me: Rereading old science fiction novels for ideas


>NASA is also maturing a fission surface power system for use on the Moon and Mars. NASA intends to partner with the DOE and INL to release a request for proposals that asks industry for preliminary designs of a 10-kilowatt class system that NASA could demonstrate on the lunar surface. If they can make that safe enough to transport for low-maintenance use on another planet, they could be used pretty casually on Earth too right? A little radioactive waste sounds better than greenhouse gasses at this point.


Lol 2/3 projects are going to Lockheed. I realize there aren’t many players in this space but seriously?


It is promising to see the extension of technology that we understand. Carrying massive quantities of fuel into space or relying upon mining fuel at a remote location is a bummer.