NASA predicts a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit may lead to record flooding on Earth

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So we have 10 years notice, will we actually make changes based on this information or will we be “shocked” when it occurs?


“While the study highlights the dire situation facing coastal cities, the lunar wobble is actually a natural occurrence, first reported in 1728. The moon’s orbit is responsible for periods of both higher and lower tides about every 18.6 years, and they aren’t dangerous in their own right. “


Talk about burying the ~~lead~~ lede*: > But this time around, scientists are more concerned. With sea-level rise due to climate change, the next high tide floods are expected to be more intense and more frequent than ever before, exacerbating already grim predictions * Edit – lede not lead. Thanks to u/ggg333ggg333


Gets much worse and Guam’s gonna capsize.


Not now Moon, we’re having a couple of crisis down here.