New study presents a wearable device that turns droplets of finger sweat into a source of energy for small devices and sensors; the finger-sweat from one night’s sleep can power an electronic wristwatch for 24 hours, for example.

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Build one of those for my balls and I can probably power my house for a day.


To date, the device is the most efficient “on-body” energy harvester ever invented. For example, it can produce 300 millijoules (mJ) of energy per square centimeter — without any mechanical energy input — during a 10-hour sleep session. The device also generates extra power from light finger presses, meaning that activities such as typing, texting, playing the piano, or even tapping in Morse code can also become sources of energy. “Our goal is to make this a practical device,” said Yin. “We want to show that this is not just another cool thing that can generate a small amount of energy and then that’s it – we can actually use the energy to power useful electronics such as sensors and displays.”


Electronic watch likely a 90 LCD watch that has a stop watch function. Not an apple watch. When it hits the ability to power a smartwatch for 24 hours, by “charging” for 24 hours, then we’ll have something!


I wonder how much energy a construction worker in Texas would be able to “recover” if they had these in various places on their clothes


Isn’t this the plot of the Matrix