QAnon-Loving Pastor Running for Congress Accused of Satanism By, Uh, QAnon

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Another interesting thing from this article: qanon believes that red shoes are a sign of both of Satanism and child sex trafficking. And that alone is enough to convict. These are the people who want to rule this country.


Remember when you read The Crucible in high school and had class discussions on how gullible and stupid those people were? Then you grew up and started believing red shoes meant you loved satan and little boys?


The fact that qanon has any traction in our government bothers me to no end. This is beyond insane and I wish for sanity and compassion to be restored soon. This scorched earth, their way or the highway, capitalism fuck yea mind set that the right has embraced is bullshit. I used to consider myself an in the middle guy and it is hard to do that these days as Republicans larping as qanons and storming the capitol are really things I will never really be a part of or support in any way.


It still baffles me that some 8chan shitpost became the hill the GOP is willing to die on. Edited in response to comments from 4chan. Credit where it’s due.


You know what’s funny about QAnon… Literally anybody can inject any hair brained idea into their collective, and with a little bit of social engineering get them to accept it as gospel and distribute it for you.