Scientists develop pain-free blood sugar test for diabetics. Australian researchers hope low-cost saliva test will replace current needle-based test for diabetes sufferers.

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I’ll probably stick with the blood ones. I don’t trust the mouth to be clean enough to make this measurement reliably, and I would suspect that if they can make it good enough then it will be too expensive. Besides, the needles that draw the blood feels like a soft flick when it hits you and then it’s over. It really isn’t bad.


Yeah, most type 1 diabetics would likely tell you that their blood draws don’t hurt… interesting tech though, maybe it can lead to more useful things


Will this be able to compete with tissue fluid glucose sensors though?


Not for me, thanks. My sensor updates my glucose curve every couple of minutes. I wouldn’t want to do that with saliva. I think this here is more useful for prediabetics or other people who have to test for some reason. If however it’s really much cheaper than the blood test stripes, it may save a lot of lives in poorer countries, so I do hope it’s not another dud.


I wish I wasn’t immediately pessimistic about anything “lower cost” actually making it to production in the medical world.