[SERIOUS] Cops of reddit, what has so far been the creepiest call of your career and what happened?

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This is one of the reasons my dad only lasted a year in the highway Patrol. He was dispatched to a single car accident on a very rural highway in a remote area. Found two women in the car, one about 60 the other late 20s. Turns out they were mother and daughter. Both were unconscious and had to be transported to the hospital. Dad took some photos, made some diagrams, whatever they did back then (mid 1970s). Went to the hospital to see if he could get a witness statement from either woman. Mom was dead, daughter in a coma, but there was a relative there so dad went to talk to her. First words out of her mouth, “but where’s the baby?” Turns out the daughter was also a mother and nobody knew where the baby went. This was before car seats were common, so there was a real possibility the child could have been ejected from the car. So dad and a couple local cops and a couple firefighters went back to the scene at 2 in the morning to beat through the trees and wheat fields in search of a (probably dead) infant. And wondering what would be worse, to find it or not. They later found out the baby was with a babysitter, but dad had nightmares about that night for years.


I’ve been in law enforcement for several years now. I serve a small, rural town. During the summer of 2015, I had one of my most unsettling experiences. That evening my partner and I were called to investigate a potential trespasser on some residential property out in the sticks. A young girl, about fifteen or sixteen years old, had called 911 and reported that a person wearing a clown costume was loitering around her backyard. I’ll refer to her as Sara. She was extremely frightened when we arrived. Her mother had to work late that night, so Sara was home alone. She explained that a tall person in a clown costume had repeatedly emerged from the woods in her backyard. She first saw him when she went to let her dog out. He was peering at her from behind a tree, beckoning her to come over. “I could hear him laughing,” she said. She ran inside with her pet, locked the door, and immediately called 911. She watched from a window as the clown reappeared several times from the woods, exhibiting erratic behavior. She described the clown’s appearance as “really scary,” not at all like the silly, colorful characters typically seen. He had a quintessential red nose, but wore a dark-colored jumpsuit. She thought his face was painted white with dark shapes around his eyes. No hair or head accessories, according to her. After investigating inside the home, we checked the perimeter of the house. My partner stayed behind to monitor the doors while I approached the tree line. No sooner than I shined my flash light into the woods that I heard the sounds of snapping tree limbs, as if someone was walking through the forest about twenty yards away. I called out, announcing myself as a police officer—no response, no more sounds. Not sure who or what—if anything—we were dealing with, we did not venture into the woods. It was the middle of the night with limited visibility. I focused my attention on investigating the property for anything suspicious while my partner patrolled around the house. Nothing of interest was found. Over the next couple of months, our department received several more calls about clown sightings. Not only did these sightings occur within a five mile radius of each other, but all of them were reported by young people. This being a small, rural town, we initially thought this was all some kind of prank/hoax orchestrated by a bunch of bored kids. These kids, however, seemed genuinely frightened upon investigation and their descriptions were consistent. We really didn’t know what to think. No one or nothing was ever found in these cases, with the exception of one. Around sunset one evening, we received a phone call from an elderly woman I’ll call Helen. She was a sweet lady who played the organ at a church in town. Although she was devoutly religious, like the kind of person who’d quote scripture in the middle of a conversation, she meant well. Anyways, Helen called and said that her grandson (whom she was raising) saw a clown in their yard. She was concerned and wanted the police to investigate. Her grandson was only five and getting details out of him proved difficult. In a rather matter-of-fact kind of way, Helen said, “Officer, those clowns are devil worshippers. I know it because right after my grandson saw that clown, my mother’s nutcracker—that one right there on top of the fireplace—fell and broke. I’ve been praying hard ever since.” Sure enough, her nutcracker was broken into two pieces. I did an internal eye roll and redirected the conversation. “Let me walk outside and check things out,” I said. Helen followed behind me as we walked out the backdoor. Everything was still and quiet. I asked if there were any places on the property where someone could hide. She said there was an old, overgrown shed about a quarter of a mile behind her house. I radioed in for support, and another officer arrived soon after. Thankfully it was a lightly wooded area so the shed was easy enough to find. It was quite dilapidated and half falling down. The door was slightly ajar. We called out but there wasn’t a response. We had flash lights in our left hands and our right hands on our weapons. The door creaked open and slowly we walked in. There was no one inside. Besides old, rusty farm equipment, we noticed a couple of strange items scattered around the floor. The first thing we noticed was a brass cow figurine. It had what looked to be three initials etched on it, but they were hard to make out. One was possibly an “M” and my partner thought he saw a “K.” Second, we found a bible with burn marks all over it. We later learned the entire book of Leviticus had been torn out. Helen adamantly swore she had no idea who the items belonged to or why they were in that shed. The whole thing was very overwhelming for her. We brought the items to the station but nothing ever surfaced. That was the last clown sighting. Maybe it was a series of pranks, an odd fad that came and went. Whatever the case, it all sticks out to me as something incredibly strange. I always feel uneasy whenever I think about those events.


I’ve been a Police Officer for 7 years in two different agencies in Los Angeles County. Countless stories to share. But I’ll start with this one… Around 3am, my partner and I heard gun shots go off 1-2 blocks away. We were on scene in less than a minute. We located a young man that had been shot on the sidewalk outside of his hotel. I believe the bullet had entered through the back of his neck and exited through his mouth. He was flailing around on the sidewalk in the same manner a fish out of water would. My partner and I asked him several questions (Who did this? Where are you hit?) But every time he opened his mouth to reply, blood gushed/spewed out. The blood was thicker than I would have anticipated. Normally, there are lots of ways to assist a gun shot victim (packing the wound, applying pressure, applying a tourniquet, etc.) But there was zero I could do to assist this poor man as he flailed around in agony and reached out to us for help. In retrospect, it was the powerlessness of the moment that I believe made this event so haunting… I kept telling him it was going to be ok, but I knew it wasn’t. I’ve seen countless dead bodies during my career. Many of them were people who died in truly grotesque ways. But a lifeless body almost seems like a movie prop. After a while, they become like any other inanimate object. It’s not that creepy. But watching someone suffer and die, while being helpless to do anything to stop it… I’m not sure if this meets creepy criteria, but it is easily the most haunting thing I have witness in my life. Ps. To make matters worse, this young man was killed for simply crossing the street. A car full of gang members almost struck him while driving recklessly. He yelled at their car. Video surveillance shows them circling the block and killing him for it. The hotel had a large glass front door entrance. I remember his mother came down stairs after we had the crime scene taped off. She pounded on the glass door and screamed in agony when she saw her son’s lifeless body. Very surreal/movie like. He was visiting LA w/ family for his sister’s college graduation.


Okay, I’m not a cop but I’ve met this detective worker who was tracking down a child predator. They all expected that person to be some dude who looks like he drinks all the time and is poorly shaven, but what they found was a small young lady who was well dressed and looked like would go on picnics with her friends. They kept tracking that person for few months by going undercover and stuff and at the end, they found a concrete building that had no paint and stuff. The police broke down a door on the first floor. This was just some buddhists doing prayers and the next few floors were empty. But on about the third floor was a locked door. They broke open the door and found someone in the middle of getting raped, they later said that they had been there for months and it all started when they saw an add for a high paying job at the other side of the country.


Got a call about a man that beat his wife and took off with the kids. We found his car 2 hours later parked in the desert. Empty. No one to be found. We conducted a search that lasted 3 days. They have completely disappeared. This was 10 years ago and still none of them have been found