[Serious] Teachers of reddit, what is that one incident that immediately made you call the cops?

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Last year a student came to me right before the pandemic shut everything down and showed me the marks from her mom’s rings from punching her all over. She had also been kicked out and was sleeping on her uncle’s porch. Reported it to the school, they did nothing, child services did nothing, so I finally called the police. The other was one of the worst things I’ve ever heard in teaching; a student came to me because her mom was using again (heroin is a real problem in the Midwest) and she was concerned. I reported it but nothing was really done. Two weeks later her mom let her drug dealer boyfriend rape the student and her 10 year old sister in exchange for drugs. She came to myself and another teacher on my team and we immediately called the police. I hate people so much.


I had a student that would regularly sexually assault females and exhibit violent behavior. After administration failed to do anything about it, I then reported to Social Services. They did nothing as well. I tried getting the girls’ parents to do something – they didn’t want to go through the effort. Finally, I just plain called the police. Another student had filmed the “last straw” incident (which I was happy about, since there was video evidence). I got in TONS of trouble for doing it… but I have no regrets.


I found lighter burns on a preschoolers stomach.


I had a history teacher who stopped another teacher from raping a student at his previous school. He called the police before stopping the rapist. When faculty learned of what happened, they tried to stop the cops from coming in and lied saying it was just a prank call made by one of their students. Now for context,my teacher’s previous school was for students who only have one last chance to make it right and my teachers was well known for helping a lot of the students get on the right track. Cops came and spoke to my teacher who told them of the entire incident. Turns out the rapist has had a record of sexually assaulting students and every time he got away with it either through the schools intervention or by his own family. He was arrested and my teachers was fired with some bullshit excuse. The school closed down later that year after all the bad publicity and other incidents. The rapist apparently didn’t last long, he was rumored to have been killed while in jail or when he was in prison.


I’d been teaching about 6 months when a student asked me if they could speak to me in private, so we borrowed one of the student services quiet rooms. She then disclosed serious sexual abuse that was happening at home. *Every* member of her immediate family was involved. I immediately followed my insitiutions procedures and informed student services and my line manager. Less than 30 minutes later, Social Services arrived to speak with the student and they took her away to a safe location away from the family, who were all arrested and charged that evening. The worst part of all was that she thought it was all her fault. I came very close to quitting after having to deal with the fallout from it all.