Sheriff hires son after nepotism policy changed

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Boy, nothing says ethics and integrity like hiring your kid the minute nepotism laws get changed.


I’ll mark this down for when he kills someone within a year.


What’s stupid, is that they probably waited for this moment


Let me do a bit of research into which political party he is a member of… Republican. Shocking. I’m actually shocked. I wouldn’t have guessed he was a Republican. Oh who am I kidding, as soon as I read the headline I already knew.


I was a FF and my Chief hired his own son … then promoted him to LT and gave Hume the most points on his evaluation. He did not have an independent set of scores from the other LTs in the chain of command. The system is a very poor one when you allow things like this to go on. Shady AF. He never earned his badge and was a shitty Paramedic on top of it. I use to smoke him on runs. We had a woman fall down the basement stairs which turned out to be one of our FFs wife’s grandmother. Total loss of consciousness obvious fractures I was driving 2 medics in the back one being him. I told him to put the bird in the air on scene so when we got to the landing zone she had no pulse the had no IV established no intubation I think they just froze. I had worked for Cleveland bf going to this job and had been under fire many times in my career there. So I get out get in the back as Life flight lands of course he gets out and goes to them I have the new guy start CPR I intubated her and started a Jugular IV and hit her with Epinephrine and got VFib on the monitor shocked her and got a bradycardia which is a slow but livable heart rhythm. As the asshole Chiefs son opens the back doors with the flight crew he actually said I’m sorry we called you bc she passed after we called … I said I have a pulse and a rhythm and she her 02 stat has rapidly increased the flight crew said good work and took her to Metro. I never said a word to him. That ate him alive. Sad I think but daddy always had his back.