Tennessee has gone “anti-vaccine,” state vaccine chief says after being fired

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2 months from now: Why are only Republicans getting sick? The democrats are behind this!


Well, I’ve gotta move.


These unbelievably stupid, spiteful bastards. If these decisions only affected the adults that want to go risk themselves, fine. Let them. But it affects children who can’t get the vaccine. Or some cancer or other medical conditions where you legitimately shouldn’t get the vaccine. Even worse, this just sets up virus incubators that allow the delta variant to mutate even further to an echo variant and raises the risk that even those who are vaccinated are no longer protected. These people are endangering all of us, not just them. And all out of virtue signaling spite.


Every time I see my state’s name on this subreddit, I’m always so hopeful it’ll be some good news that I missed. I am constantly disappointed and ashamed. I swear, the ONLY thing this state has going for it is Dolly Parton.


At this point they had their chance for me to care, I’ve been caring for the last god damn year and a half and the only thing republicans have shown in return is disdain. They are anti-intellectual, antiscience, they sabotage to get their way, they’ve shown that they are not with the police while saying they are, we all know who is responsible for 1/6/2021 and I personally will never forgive them, they’ve turned a ragged old man into a false diety which I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around, when asked questions they immediately think they are being interogated and deflect, Fox. If the right want to show how stable and trustworthy they are sure showing an ass backwards way of doing it. Even if they believe the Dems are doing the same thing why not take the higher ground and stand for what you should be believing in rather than just “owning the libs.” Your agenda of a right wing Christian authoritarian regime is bullshit. Take that religious terrorist shit out of my country.