The Biden administration thinks you should be allowed to fix the things you buy

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Fucking-a we should. I own it, I should be able to choose who repairs it.


>In the absence of a legislative fix (there are two right-to-repair bills alive in Congress), FTC rulemaking could go a long way. In 1977, for example, the agency mandated that optometrists had to share patients’ prescriptions with them; the optometrists could not insist that if you got your eyes examined at their shop, you had to buy your glasses from them. And here I thought they were just being nice when they provided me with my visual corrective prescription. Thanks, FTC!


As a farmer – thank you. I just might vote democrat next time.


And yet every farmer will still vote against the current administration while badmouthing Democrats and happily taking subsidies.


Fix, and also modify, and also not be completely locked out of features because I need a subscription