The French Rush For Vaccines After They’re Told They’ll Need Them To Go To Cafés

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Title is misleading. It’s gonna be required for long distance trains,buses and planes,restaurant,bars,festivals,night-clubs,shopping malls (this one is confusing because a lot of french supermarkets have little shopping malls in them) basically everything. Either this or you get a pcr test


Now all we need in Denver is a law requiring them in order to visit a micro-brewery.


Smart. Technically they are not making vaccines mandatory (except for people working in health care). They’re just not allowing you in certain places without one. It’s almost like clothes. Wearing clothes isn’t mandatory. Wearing clothes in public is though. (extremely simplified, I know)


This is a tiny bit misleading, they’re going to be required for cafés/bars/nightclubs/restaurants. Edit : just one small precision for our American friends, France is unfortunately the most antivax country in the world making these decisions needed.


I live in a village in the Alps. The ski lifts didn’t open this past winter. It’s been a really tough time for people here. I know that everyone has had it rough, so I’m not trying to say it’s been worse for us or anything. But this village relies on tourism. It’s been so frustrating seeing people refusing to get the vaccine. It’s the easiest thing you can do that will, ultimately, have the biggest effect. A guy who owns a local takeaway just posted on Facebook today that he won’t have the vaccine and it’s his decision and he doesn’t care about anyone else. Our big summer event – Harley Days – has been cancelled, which makes sense, but a couple of weekends ago we all got to go to the next village over to watch a mountain bike world cup. All because of the vaccines. Seeing the place come back to life after so long has been lovely. I’m off out in a bit for the start of the Bastille Day celebrations. The local nightclub is opening for the first time in over a year – but you’re required to have a vaccine certificate or pay for a test on the door (which, to be honest, sounds a bit dodgy but I’m fully vaccinated so I don’t care)