The Less Trump Pays for Jan. 6, the More It Costs Us

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Six months later, hundreds of indictments, a few plea deals and we are no closer to the truth. The insurrection continues in a new form, changing the voting rules to permit the overturning of an election. The main fundraisers and organizers have not been served. There must be a penalty or else they will do it again and maybe succeed


Not just January 6th. Everything. Everything he did to undermine American democracy and erode the rule of law over the last five years. Republican members of congress and Republican voters must also be held accountable for what they did and what they continue to do, whether it’s murdering thousands of Americans via bioterrorism or supporting an attack on the capitol to overthrow Biden’s election. This isn’t them voicing their opinion on gun control or abortion. This is them enveloping the nation in death and chaos, all in the name of power, and someone better do something soon to stop it, or we are truly fucked.


Wake me when we’re at the “mob justice” part. It’s fucking stupid they can throw a case together for drug crimes but the real serious shit takes so long. I get that it’s super complicated and he’s a greasy guy to get hands on but I’m feeling that cost in my heart.


The reflex for Dems to be responsible to a fault when they hold the reins of power is a lose-lose position right now. They lose by appearing weak in a time of political hardball and they lose when the obvious perpetrators go unpunished, free to continue to spread lies and re-frame the narrative of 1/6 as a “tourist” visit. Blood boiling.


If they can’t win fairly, they will cheat, and if they can’t successfully cheat, they will make their loss so costly and damaging that normal governance is impossible. The Jan. 6 putsch is the worst example of this, but not the first. Consider the 2018 race for NC’s 9th district. The GOP candidate hired consultants to collect ballots from rural voters. Blank ballots were completed for the GOP candidate and ballots completed for the Democrat candidate Dan McReady were discarded. When this was outed, the election board refused to certify the results. And what was the outcome? The GOP just runs another candidate in a special election and he prevails by a thin margin. And it’s no wonder why — McReady was forced to campaign for 27 months for an office with a two-year term, through no fault of his own. What kind of first-time challenger has a campaign with legs like that? How can we have free and fair elections if one candidate has to campaign and fundraising indefinitely until his opposing party finally decides not to cheat? The putsch is the same playbook applied to a much broader scale. It wasn’t enough for Biden to win the popular vote by 6 million. It wasn’t enough for him to crush Donald in the EC. The police had to also quell a violent attack on the Capitol building while Congress had to push through a soft coup attempt from the inside. We will only see more going forward, at every level of governance.