TIL Abraham Lincoln had a high-pitched voice described as shrill, sharp, and like a whistle. However, while unpleasant, these qualities also helped his voice carry long distances. This proved to be advantageous in the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates when everyone in a crowd could hear him speaking.

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I have always imagined abe as having a deep voice Now thanks to op I keep imagining him having a voice of tweety


I can’t even imagine what a voice like this would sound like. Can someone link to a voice that might sound like this


So his portrayal in Bill and Ted’s excellent Adventure was even more inaccurate than first thought.


Lol imagine losing a debate just because no one could hear you


I learned about this in school. The sad thing is even though Lincoln is regularly ranked our greatest president today he wouldn’t stand a chance in hell at ever winning public office in modern times for multiple reasons. * His voice would make him a giant laughing stock today because of people expecting a much deeper voice to come from his huge body. * Lincoln was actually a pretty big loser. He lost more elections then he won. His only Federal experience was a single term in the House of Representatives before he got voted out of office. No one would let a guy with his record of losing get anywhere close to their party’s nomination. * Lincoln was a moderate, which would make it even more difficult for him to ever gain ground in either party’s primary in today’s hyper partisan atmosphere.