TIL Key Limes were considered a weed until The Great Freeze of 1894–95 destroyed Florida’s lemon groves. Farmers replanted “Mexican” limes and they became known as “Florida Key Limes, a beloved regional crop”

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…And then a hurricane ripped those out in 1926. Then, farmers planted “Persian limes”, which are a cross between a lemon and a key lime; hardier and thornless. Edit: The “Mexican” limes were native to Southeast Asia. They were imported across a path through Europe and Africa before introduction in North America. Edit 2: Allegedly my source article from Wikipedia oversimplifies the timeline and chain of events. There’s not much I can do about that except suggest if you have better information to update the article.


How closely related are key limes and Seville oranges, flavor wise? My understanding is that Sevilles are also highly acidic and are used as a marinade for the most delicious food on Earth, puerco pibil. I’ve never found them near me, but key limes I can get.


Botanist here; these Key limes are very close relatives of the Persian lime, which are air dried to make a spice called noomi basra; if you ever have a chance to steep some in hot water you won’t regret it, some of the best herbal tea I’ve ever had.


Wow… What the hell is going on in these comments??? Y’all need to eat some key lime pie and calm the fuck down. I’ve got a tree in my yard that produces non-stop 🍋😁


What the hell are you people mad about? These are limes grown in the Keys so they are Key Limes. Am I supposed to know the scientific name of everything I eat? It’s not even that actual limes that are “beloved”, it’s the Key Lime Pie.