US consumer prices surge in June by the most since 2008

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I work at a thrift store and our prices just went up. We weren’t even struggling. My location has less than 20 employees and brings in over 100k a month. In June my store even made 30k over projected profits. So they raise the prices more. Of course when we ask for raises that gets shut down because minimum wage is going up in CA next year again. Then they wonder why we have a huge employee turn over rate and a ridiculous amount of openings no one wants to fill in the district.


The number to focus on is the month-on-month increase, which is **0.9%**. Month | % Increase —|— Jan | 0.3% Feb | 0.4% Mar | 0.6% Apr | 0.8% May | 0.6% June | 0.9% The sum is a **3.6%** increase and we are halfway through the year. The average monthly increase has been **0.6%**. To keep inflation to only 3% this year we would need to *deflate* by 0.1% per month. To keep inflation to only 4% this year we would need to slow to 0.067% per month. **Continuing at a 0.6% pace, we would hit 7.2% inflation for the year.**


It’s bad in Canada too. The effect of demand and lack of supply, things such as bicycles has almost tripled in price.


Dayum that shirt for $12.97 tho….still a good value


Is it just supply chain problems or de facto subsidies for countries to recoup revenues lost during the pandemic?