What movie was so hyped up but ended up being terrible?

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The Lightning Thief. Really awful adaptation of a great book.


Artemis Fowl movie people waited decades for that shite


Wonder Woman 1984 It had all the ingredients of being written by Hollywood executives and focus groups. 1. 80s nostalgia that had nothing to do with the plot 2. A new golden suit for Wonder Woman that had nothing to do with the plot 3. Chris Pine returned from the dead and had nothing to do with the plot 4. Kristen Wiig played an unnecessary villain that had nothing to do with the plot 5. The dream stone came from nowhere 6. Maxwell is talked out of destroying the world 7. Maxwell finds his son by yelling his name in a random part of the city 8. Wonder Woman learns how to make an airplane invisible by just thinking really hard


Suicide Squad 100%. I thought this movie will be a banger but nope. It was a +1 hour of a shit show that contained just songs playing constantly


Dark Tower. I was really hopeful but when it came out, I couldn’t even finish it. Horrible adaptation of an amazing story.