Why the fuck are bibles still in hotel rooms?

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I always check them for money, because I’ve heard that people leave money in there, but I’ve never found any. Now I have to wonder if that was just a rumor started by the Gideons to get me to open a bible…


Thank “Gideons International”. An evangelical Christian group. They like to distribute free bibles. As to the exact history and deals that allow them to put Bibles in hotels. I’m not sure.


1. Print a Bible for $2.50 2. Sell it to a charity you control for $25. 3. Charity gives away free bibles to hotels. 4. Give $25 to your charity. 5. Take a personal tax deduction for $25. Reducing your taxes by $9. 6. Spend the rest of the charity’s cash on your expenses. 7. The federal government just paid you $6.50 to put a Bible in a hotel room.


Emergency toilet paper.


In Hawaii they have “the life of Buddha”. Much better read.