You only truly appreciate not being in constant pain when we are in pain

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If it’s long term pain, I’d agree. Short term pain I don’t really have time to reflect. Now give me lungs blocked up with mucus, and I’ll be thinking every other minute about how I took breathing for granted.


After decades of health issues, and finally having a great team of doctors. A few weeks into treatment I woke up after a solid night’s sleep, and bent over to find my slipper. I sat up. Then it happened… tears and sobbing commenced for a solid 20 minutes. I hadn’t slept properly in so long I had no idea what it felt like to have a proper rest. Then to be able to bend over without excruciating pain, or collapsing. It was the greatest feeling ever. I’m slowly relapsing. The treatment isn’t permanent. There is no actual cure. Just years of adjusting medication and surgeries. I’m going to be in a medical journal or something. I can hold my children on my lap and cuddle them. On my bad days, it’s still not a bad as it was a few years ago, but I’ve gotten so used to being able to do basic things, that it can be soul shattering. It still breaks my heart that my two youngest learned not to touch or kick my stomach before they learned to walk. Or that my children all know what to do if I collapse. I feel terrible that my teenager is leaving for two weeks to see family, and he’s more concerned about if I have backup medication in case there is a shortage again, than worrying about teenage stuff, or what he will do with his family that he hasn’t seen since before covid. I feel bad for all the times I couldn’t do things with my family, or how much they missed out on because I was literally blinded by pain. It kills me that my pain hurt more than just me. Not being in constant pain anymore is great, but the mental burden hasn’t dissipated. There really is no winning for some.


Chronic pain gang rise up! Slowly… if you can


The grass is always greener on the other side


Contrary to this, im used to being in pain and today I feel great