‘A Big Deal,’ Says Sanders as Dems Agree to Pursue a $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill | Sanders, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, described the spending agreement as the “most significant piece of legislation… since the Great Depression.”

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While the GOP is out defending/glorifying insurrectionists, waging culture wars, promoting conspiracy theories and repealing voting rights.. Dems are working on the most significant legislation in a generation which tries to address healthcare, climate change, infrastructure, student debt etc.. I can’t think of a single other time since the FDR era when the 2 parties were so starkly divergent in their objectives.. if rational minded independents are still on the fence on who to vote for, then it would be genuinely disappointing


The ridiculous part of Political division in today’s era is that the Right actually stands to benefit the most from what the left is proposing. If we are honest the nations largest metros (San Francisco, NYC, LA, Seattle, etc) are self sustaining. Metros aren’t waiting on the federal government. They are moving towards better wages, better Infrastructure, greener policies, etc on their own. It’s rural red localities that are stuck in the dirt doing nothing that will receive the greatest boost from this. Yet it’s those same localities bitching and complaining the loudest.


It would be nice if the government invested in us for a change.


Infrastructure spending is not important to elite Republicans because they have the money to fund personal lifestyle hacks that get around the problems. Who cares that the freeway is crumbling when you take a helicopter to the golf course?


This kind is “socialism” is the *wooorrrssstttt*… for Republican support at the poles. Get these passed and the effects of a bill like this will hit right before Nov. 2022 and will last past Biden’s first term.