A housekeeper approached the lady of the house to ask for a raise…

“And why would you deserve a raise, may I ask?”, said the wealthy homeowner. “3 reasons: Because I’m a better cook than you are”, said the maid. “Who told you that?” “Your husband. And I’m also better at cleaning.” “Who told you that?” “Also your husband.” “And the third reason why you think I should give you a raise?” “Because I’m a LOT better in bed than you.” “Hmmm… did my husband tell you that, too?” “No, ma’am… the gardener.”

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When the husband finds out, I can only imagine hispanic.


A **maid** is a female servant that often works in rich establishments. A **maid’s** main roles are to look after the house. This includes cooking, cleaning and ironing. Better in bed means that that person is a better sexual companion than the other person. The joke is that the **madam** asked the **maid** what three things she’s better at than her. The **husband** told the maid that she’s better at cooking and ironing than the **madam**. When the **maid** mentioned sexual intercourse as the third reason, the **madam** assumed that the **husband** had also complimented her on this, hence the husband was cheating on the **madam** with the **maid**, however when the **maid** mentions that it was actually the driver that told her this, she gives her the raise. This means that the **madam** was actually cheating on her husband herself and was also sleeping with the driver. This unexpected twist makes the joke humorous.


The maid asked for a raise, and the wife was upset… She asked, ‟Now, Helen, why do you think you deserve a pay increase?” Helen: ‟There are three reasons. The first is that I iron better than you.” Wife: ‟Who said that?” Helen: ‟Your husband.” Wife: ‟Oh.” Helen: ‟The second reason is that I’m a better cook than you.” Wife: ‟Who said that?” Helen: ‟Your husband.” Wife: ‟Oh.” Helen: ‟The third reason is that I’m better at sex than you.” Wife: ‟Did my husband say that as well?” Helen: ‟No, the gardener did.” Wife: ‟So, how much do you want?”