A middle aged man was talking to his elderly father

“I wanted to thank you dad, I remember when I was younger and first dating girls you gave me a piece of advice. You said ‘good companion, good in bed, good mother – pick two'” The father looked kindly at his son and nodded. “Well, I feel like I have a good life. My wife is kind to me and a lovely mother to our three kids.” The father nodded back to his son with a knowing look and replied. “That’s great son, but when I said ‘pick two’ I meant pick the second one.” EDIT: credit to a likely source. https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/2012-03-17

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Father: Son, you should choose a woman who can cook, a woman who is great in bed, a woman who is a fantastic mother, and a woman that makes you look good in front of your friends. Son: OK thanks Dad. Father: But most importantly Son, those 4 women should never meet.


Pick two girls


Pick two! Two! TWO WOMEN! Amateurs!




I was expecting it to end with his picking two women. Good twist