A study found that 4% of new cancer cases in 2020 could be associated with alcohol use; men accounted for 77% of those new cases.

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Only 4%? Then why is alcohol always said to be a major risk factor for cancers?


Alcohol use is also associated with stress, another cause of cancer.


Interesting finding, I wonder how much of a difference alcohol concentration makes (eg beer vs spirits) since they focused on overall intake. Especially for oral and oesophageal cancers, it seems intuitive that higher concentrations would be more dangerous but perhaps it isn’t the case. Also important to note, as they mention in the discussion, the potential confound in combined alcohol/tobacco use


…and just one more way (out of many directly and indirectly) alcohol kills thousands of people yearly. Yet many people still look at cannabis smokers no different than meth and heroin addicts. I’m not ignorant to the reasons why but this hypocrisy just kills me!


This makes me wanna have a drink