A teacher was giving her students a lecture about good manners.

She wanted to test how they would act in a certain circumstance, so she asked: – Derek, imagine that you’re having dinner with a girl you love, and you suddenly want to go to the restroom during the meal. What would you say to her in this situation? – “Stay right there, I’m going to pee.” – Derek, that is a very rude way of telling her about it! – How about you, Jay? What would you say? – “I apologize, I’ll have to use the restroom for a while. I’ll be back.” – That’s better, but it’s not very nice to mention the restroom during a meal. – Arthur, what would you say to her? – “My princess, if you don’t mind, I’m going to absent myself for a while. I’m about to get my hand on a great friend of mine, to whom I want to introduce you after this meal is over.”

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Arthur is now better known as King Arthur, and it was Guinevere he dined with that evening. … and yes, she got to meet his great friend.