Abortion providers sue Texas over law to ban abortion as early as six weeks

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I still cannot get over the fact that abortion is an issue in the USA. Until the fetus is breathing air, it’s the woman’s choice what happens, as far as I’m concerned. She’s the one supporting it. No one else. Is it morally wrong to terminate late? Yeah, kinda. Depends how late. But ultimately, its not my fucking body so it’s not my choice. If someone decides a baby will ruin their life late into their pregnancy, who am i to force them to carry on? I honestly think there should be zero issue with termination at ANY time before birth. A woman is not an incubator. As long as shes directly responsible for keeping the thing alive, she gets to make the call.


Higher order brain function doesn’t start until around week 12-16 (according to my google search, I’m not an obgyn so I could be wrong). In my opinion 16 weeks should be the latest that an abortion should be given, until then it’s fine and it’s really just a bundle of developing cells. BUT I also feel that we need to give much more money into developing the child welfare system so that parents who were unable to obtain an abortion before 12-16 weeks or who have changed their mind can safely give up the child for adoption without worrying about the welfare of the child once it’s given up. This is of course, just my opinion.