According to new research, middle managers attempt to address workplace injustices by secretly helping out their subordinates when they can. In fact, managers with an especially strong moral code can consider it their duty to right the wrongs they see, and to compensate victims in hidden ways.

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And that is why Amazon is replacing managers and supervisors with algorithms. The algorithm has no mercy or pity and will do what the executives say.


There’s no secret about it. I’ll be blunt and weave an entire case for why we should correct something. The moral thing is most often inconvenient in the short term but well worth it long term. It’s about getting the higher ups to see that perspective since they dont have the same detailed knowledge as us. Can’t win them all so choose your battles wisely


And then of course there’s the majority of middle managers that routinely throw their subordinates under the bus…


This is how I always felt as a restaurant GM. I had to bridge the gap between corporate and my employees. Basically protect the employees and the store from corporate’s out of touch policies, bright ideas, and sickening greed. Me and my crew worked hard, played hard, and were at our best when left alone. Of course I got burned out but I regret nothing.


Cool but we don’t need secret altruism. We need the system to be more compassionate. it’s a step in the right direction but we are in for a long walk.