African scientists have created a CRISPR-edited banana that’s resistant to a disease ravaging farms across the continent

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CRISPR has so much potential. The day will come when humanity collectively realizes that our interference with nature is long past the point of “lets make a national park here and it will heal”. From there on we will be able to use CRISPR based extinction technologies such as daisy chained gene drive to eradicate invasive species, like rats from Australia.


Why are people so vehemently against GMOs despite their clear benefits?


Maybe they can resurrect the Gros Michel as a crop eventually. Apparently it had a super strong banana taste.


Better not tell greenpeace, they’ll get rid of it, it like they did with golden rice.


CRISPR is just a band-aid. The real problem with bananas (we’re talking about the ones that are widely sold in the US — the Cavendish) is that we farm them as a monoculture: all the plants are essentially clones of one another. If some disease or pest evolves to exploit a weakness of one plant, then they automatically can exploit all the plants. It’s happening right now with the Cavendish, and it’s happened before; the previous widely sold banana in the US (the Gros Michel) was essentially wiped out by a fungus in the 60s.