An injured American soldier is boarding a train to the hospital, but the train is full because a woman and her dog took up the last two seats.

The man says to the woman, “would you please mind taking up only one seat? You don’t need two separate seats for you and your dog.” But the woman refuses. Then the man tells the woman that he is exhausted from the war and is injured, the last seat on the train isn’t too much to ask for, yet the woman still refuses. The man gets extremely angry and forcefully picks up the woman’s dog, throws it out the window, and sits down at the last seat. A British man sitting next to him starts getting angry and starts yelling at the American solider, “You Americans have terrible manners and drive me crazy! Americans like you drive on the wrong side of the road, use the wrong measuring system, write dates in the wrong order, and most importantly, you threw the wrong bitch out the window!”

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A real Britt wouldn’t have gotten angry. He’d have chuckled as he said this. 😸


_Re-write by /u/The_Latvian_Version:_ >Comrade in People’s Army board train. Is after Battle of Kursk. Many tired. Is wishing to return to hut and build communism with villagers. Train full, is only train in Latvia. Only seat belonging next to foreign capitalist. Is dog in seat. Strange creature! Nothing like dogs in old country. Small and useless like child’s schalinski. Comrade is exhaust from killing many fascists. Say, Woman, may seat become mine? Woman sniff like sick of flu, say, Comrades rude. Seat is belonging to tiny creature. Comrade walk train again. Only seat able to sit, is under strange dog. Say, I beg of you woman, allow sit. Very tired from killing of fascisti. Arms ache from thrusting bayonet, teeth ache from tearing out hearts. Woman snort, say, Comrades also full of insolent pride! Comrade not say word. Take creature, throw out window, and sit. Foreign capitalist scream, Defend my honor! Death to comrade! Another foreign capitalist is sit near, say, Comrade, you Latvian do wrong thing all the time. Don’t use fork because are too poor. Don’t drive because are froze. Now, comrade, have made grave mistake. Was using that dog to smuggle potato into old country. Without potato, all starve! People’s Army hear report of capitalists on train, get on board to arrest. But all had already starve because comrade threw creature containing potato out window. How glorious! People’s Army avoid paperwork of arrest, passengers are saved from gulag by sweet embrace of death. Is happy ending for all.


It’s really funny! From other countries guys point of view, British guys drive on the wrong side of road.


Agreed! LMAO the dog did nothing wrong!


pretty sure ive seen this one before but it was written different, i remember the “threw the wrong bitch out the window”