Animation on the gravitational pull of the planets and other bodies of the solar system

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Interesting Neptune & Uranus were so similar to Earth


If you were at the altitude of Earth’s orbit at full stop relative to the sun, you would fall directly into the sun. The fall would take 3 months.


I wonder what sky diving on Venus would be like, assuming you had a suit that could withstand the sulfuric acid.


Chocobo race music would have gone so well with that.


Does any explanation exist for the fact that 3 size-groups of planets have all about the same surface gravity around 10m/s^2? Those 3 groups are: Venus/Earth, Saturn, Uranus/Neptune. And only one other different group exists in the non-sun-like planets: Mercury/Mars. Jupiter is excluded here with being special, carrying more than 60% of the solar system’s angular momentum. Originally, this quantization was discovered by SciFi author G. David Nordley and published in 1994.