As a teacher, the Republican Florida law requiring students and staff to expose their political beliefs is a gross government overreach

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100% of the people that support it would scream bloody murder if it was proposed by democrats in a state run by democrats.


Please write down that my political belief is that Ron DeSantis is an asshole. Yes I belong to the Ron Desantis is an asshole party


The real disappointment are all of the Americans who are totally ok with this as long as they perceive it as a way to strike back at the democrats.


This law along with the anti-riot (eg anti-BLM) and anti-Big Tech (eg compelled speech) are part of a culture war that Gov Desantis is using to get re-elected in 2022. (And then run for President in 2024). Its also a distraction from the Govs handling of COVID, which has killed 40,000 Floridians. Not to mention the Piney Point Red Tide disaster and the Surfside collapse.


Wow, straight out of the “1984” handbook lol. For all the talk of them hating big govt. They sure do a LOT of big govt. things. They choose weather you can get an abortion, and who you can marry, now they want to monitor peoples political standings. Disgusting.