As far as you’re concerned, what is society’s ‘Elephant In The Room’?

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The fact that all of our products are made by people in 3rd world countries under various unethical circumstances. Everyone wants to get upset but no one wants to give up their iPhone. As I post this comment on an IPhone.


A lot of people are having mental issues, and the dark question we’re left with is did previous generations have this and were just undiagnosed by an uncaring world, or have we been uniquely mentally broken as a generation?


Social media is a fucking powerful weapon that’s pretty freely used to significant affect. I don’t think it was designed that way per se but it’s evolved far quicker than laws around its use has and it’s an under policed threat – even to people that consider themselves immune to most social media.


*”You don’t want democracy. You want a dictator you agree with.”*


The opioid crisis and just addiction in general. Locking drug addicts in jail with a bunch of other drug addicts obviously isn’t helping to do anything except make addicts more creative