Christianity in decline is both wonderful and terrifying

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Christians will gladly work with fascists to take over the government. So it doesn’t matter if we think it’s dying. They are pushing for a Handmaid’s Tale style athoritarian Christian Fascism.


Christianity as a cult. I mean, it borders on that now.


They’re already dumb and immoral. Their messiah, Trump, is a womanizer, con artist, manipulator, thief, possible child molester and just an all around criminal who is about as smart as a rock. And they all believe Trump actually won the election and that the Jan 6th insurrection was a peaceful protest and they all cheered it on.


The difference between a cult and a religion is political power.


I share your concern – in fact I think they target the old, lonely and not-all-there, which is a huge worry, if you have a social conscience. Fortunately if that becomes the majority of their “flock” they will not have political power and we can get them away from kids and start to take away charitable status etc etc until they are totally marginalised and irrelevant – I’d like to see it in my lifetime – there is hope, seeing Ireland becoming much less religious.