Death toll rises to 210 from February cold wave in Texas

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No telling how many animals died. I had a lot of livestock die and found dead birds all over the place.


by 2023 it is estimated that 100% of US news headlines will start with “death toll rises”


I imagine the toll is actually higher. The cost in damage is likely underestimated too. It’s a good thing this hit while most people were out of the office for Covid. Lots of office buildings were trashed.


I feel like “how many of our citizens died” is a question which should take less than half a year to determine.


Ok so climate change killed 210 people in Texas and another like 150 from the Building that Collapsed. So far. The beginning is slow but oh boy, get ready for so many deaths. So many dead bodies… We could have prevented this. All of what will happen. But like, no ?