Declining Water Levels In The Great Salt Lake Spell Economic Trouble For Utah. The Great Salt Lake is reaching its lowest level ever.

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Water is diverted from the Weber drainages to the Provo to conserve fresh water….the water ends up in Utah lake, not the great salt lake. Victory Ranch is pulling 1 million gallons a day out of the Provo River to water their golf course. Jordanelle reservoirs is a puddle right now.


Declining water levels everywhere in the Western United States spell economic trouble for the entire Western United States…


>“We’ve all been watching the lake level as it’s gone down and this **unanticipated drought** has definitely expedited concern,” Vernon said. Bro, can I introduce you to “climate change”? Seriously, a dire water situation in the West has been predicted for years now.


>Businesses that rely on the Great Salt Lake — recreation, mineral extraction and harvesting brine shrimp eggs — bring roughly **$1.3 billion to the state’s economy**, according to a 2012 report. >Don Leonard, chairman of the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative, said eggs from the lake’s brine shrimp are a crucial food source for the fish and shrimp eaten around the world. **About 40% of the world’s brine shrimp eggs come from the lake** but with lower water levels, the water gets saltier, which makes it harder for the shrimp to reproduce. Brine shrimp are a critical part of aquaculture the world over. This is serious shit. from wiki >The ability of the Artemia to produce dormant eggs, known as cysts, has led to extensive use of Artemia in aquaculture. The cysts may be stored indefinitely and hatched on demand to provide a convenient form of live feed for larval fish and crustaceans.[4] Nauplii of the brine shrimp Artemia constitute the most widely used food item, and over 2000 tonnes of dry Artemia cysts are marketed worldwide annually


Don’t worry I am sure Utahs steller Republican leadership will blame this on the libs somehow, yet not come up with any cohesive plans to try and fix the environment