Democrats unveil $3.5T go-it-alone plan to fulfill Biden’s agenda

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“Senate Democrats announced a top line budget number late Tuesday that will propel their plan to enact the full array of President Joe Biden’s social welfare and family aid promises without Republican votes.” This could be a genuinely transformative piece of legislation for so many individuals in this country. Incredible stuff.


I’m on Medicare (disabled) and spent about $5 grand on dental work in the last year. Dental work can be an absolute killer and needs to be included in Medicare, so I’m happy to see this proposal.


Mitch: BuT wHy weRen’t We InvOLveD


I swear if manchin says it’s too expensive and we gotta make a 1.75 trillion


They need to make visible change before the 2022 elections which really start now tbh. A repeat of gop takeover like in obama’s firsr 2 years is going to kill the country, and I am not exagerrating.