‘Devastating’: Crops left to rot in England as Brexit begins to bite

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> Boris Johnson’s government has launched a PR drive — but that was last year and aimed at getting Britons to help harvest crops. > Called Pick for Britain, it was aimed at encouraging those left unemployed by the pandemic to fill the gap left by migrant workers. What a joke.


Alternative headline: producers are less able to exploit foreign workers through poor living and working conditions and low pay.


Our famers have been exploiting cheap labour from eastern Europe by paying them very little and also charging them rent to live in their caravans. I’m sure a local workforce would be willing to work, but the farmers aren’t willing to pay. Either invest in new tech, or open your wallet.


So the thing that everybody with a brain thought would happen, is happening. Got it.


Finding workers to harvest the crop is easy; but it requires paying a decent wage, and that will diminish profits.