Don Cheadle Confused by Emmy Nom for ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Cameo: ‘I Don’t Really Get It’

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I wonder if the people in charge of nominations genuinely thought Anthony Mackie was Don Cheadle.


Honestly I respect him more for not understanding why.


“Guest Actor” is often a very silly category because of how few truly outstanding performances you get from the types of roles that tend to qualify. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but the truly award-worthy examples tend to be fewer and farther between than the other categories. This is especially silly, though, and I have a feeling it has more to do with Don Cheadle being particularly famous than anything else. This category frequently boils down to “Who were the most well known actors to do a cameo on a popular show this year?”


Maybe they were trying to have a more inclusive list of nominees? Don Cheadle is a great actor but this is a bit silly.


Personally, I liked the performance from “black man walking across the street” and felt an Emmy was deserved for that.