Fallen Alabama evangelist Acton Bowen- sentenced to more than 1,000 years for sex crimes – denied appeal

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> One of Bowens’ victims, a teen boy over the age of 12 but under the age of 16, said Bowen exposed him to deviate sexual intercourse from 2006 through 2009. i imagine he couldn’t stop going to this cunt cause his parents wouldn’t budge and there’s thousands of these cases that will never reach the light. actually disturbing.


“Ex Alabama evangelist” “Former Alabama evangelist” “Jailed Alabama evangelist” the list is endless, but no, “fallen” it had to be. He is not “fallen”. He did not do an upsy and stumpled and fell on his face. He raped children. I hate when media does this. Those evangelists, they just stumble and get their dick stuck in a child by accident, multiple times a year.


Evangelicals are demons


Here is what bothers me most about the whole Q-bullshit. They want to root out Pedophiles. But it would SEEM to me that the majority are in positions like THIS. Where authority is not to be questioned and the predator has easy access to victims who are also raised to NEVER, EVER question or go against that authority. It’s not fucking Hollywood elites (*well… not 100% as is presented. I’m sure they do exist..*.) But these fuckers who are in the clergy and other communities in places where they are revered.


1000 years…he is one of the few who will live long enough to see how much we will wrack the climate.