Fed Officials Say Punitive U.S. Legal System Is Hampering Economy

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Nothing wrong with research like this…. BUT! As a Swede I want to give a warning finger about focusing too much on economic metrics. The focus should be to keep citizens safe, bring justice to victims, and rehabilitation. In Sweden, we have a situation where rapists and murderers get so short sentences that it’s completely unreasonable to rehabilitate them in such a short time. The movement to increase prison sentences for the worst crimes is often met with the argument “do you know how expensive it is to keep someone in prison”. I know it’s expensive but it’s one of those things that are the core of government along with police, firefighters, court system etc. Some things can be expensive and it’s OK.


Aside from mass incarceration and criminal records (which should be used much more sparingly), the system is a) convoluted, with thousands of federal + state laws, and b) unnecessarily litigious, to the point where even if you’re in the right, cases can easily drag out for a year, which is both mentally stressful and a financial burden. It’d be one thing thing to go through year-long trials if there was confidence justice would be served, which it usually isn’t. Might be time to clean up the legal code.


Reform needs to be indoctrination into economic participation. Prisons should produce punishment AND reformed workers. Productive people who have earned a footing when they get out, instead of those dependent on a halfway house. Saying that prisoners need wages just leads to a bunch of whataboutism though.


The Economy was never the point. The point was enshrining slavery and maximizing misery. The point was ensuring rich pedophiles stayed in power. Everything else was just a convenient lie to ensure nobody asked questions.