First fully electric tugboat in US to set sail with more than 6 MWh of batteries

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This is a great use of electric. Tugs use a ton of power in relatively short bursts and can connect to shore power between jobs.


Weird amount of hate on good progressive change. Lot of people not realizing that battery technology is constantly adapting and changing and that batteries used now won’t be the batteries used ten years from now. The thing is you can use new batteries in old devices fine. It’s the electricity they store that’s used… Ten years from now a new battery can be hooked up to a tug and it will still run the same but could potentially run twice as long or more… Also lol at the idiots who think Lithium is actually rare and there are so many types of new batteries coming out that it wouldn’t matter if it was.


How can that be a good idea if we have no plan how to get enough rare materials to make enough car batteries? Before those promised magic battery tech things hit this seems unsustainable.


The carbon footprint to make 6 MWh of batteries is probably worse than the foot print of a regular tug boat doing tug boat things