Free community college would make country smarter, richer

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It will not happen. Not if your state legislature is gerrymandered. > One of the most egregious examples could be found in North Carolina when, in 2016, Republicans split North Carolina A&T – the country’s largest historically Black college — in half, ensuring that community would be represented by **two** GOP congressmen. > “Where you find the community is badly split like that, it probably indicates that when those maps are being drawn, that community did not have someone who was part of the **controlling party** and therefore was **unable to protect** the local community,” he said.


But if college is free, how will we entice the very people we’ve made poor fight our wars? /s


“Fuck that…” – *The Oligarchy*


Make them free and make sure those first two years all transfer in to the state four-year colleges, so the community college gets you half way to a BA/BS for free.


There goes the GOP base