Goodbye Christianity

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welcome out of the cave. it’s a bit cooler here, but the stars are just *glorious.*


Welcome to reality. We hope you enjoy your stay.


Congratulations! That seems like a normal process for it to really click, it takes time and contemplation along the way and you did it. But the best part is, now the world will really make a whole lot more sense. Less confusion! New understandings to behold, about why people are the way they are… why reality is the way it is. Things become clearer! When it first clicked for me, the one thing that I can remember feeling the most was an inner peace. No more confusion or mystery of God or threat of hell. No weird requirements of me. Now get out there and enjoy yourself and this one life we have, because it’s a hell of a lot shorter than you were brought up believing considering we are likely not infinite beings…. But never lose track of what is right and wrong along the way! And “Peace be with you.” 🌝




Welcome to rationality and escape from bondage.