Google employees angered by search giant’s ‘hypocritical’ remote work policies: Employees were already stirred up over opaque policies on remote work. Then a senior executive announced he’s moving to New Zealand in what some workers consider special treatment.

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You would think the tech sector would be the quickest to embrace work from home. Then again, I would think no adult should be surprised that senior leadership has their own set of rules.


I am shocked that they are shocked that a huge corporation like Google would be hypocritical. All the large corporations and clients I worked for will eat their employees alive as they whisper to them softly telling them that they are going to be ok.


If you have a job whose performance can be measured (Google uses OKR’s) then why do you need an office? People think some sort of magic happens when you put people into a room together.


They’re showing themselves for what they are now. Legacy IT companies. The management are people my age 40s/50s that were raised by our older cohorts. The Hewlett Packards of the world. Some are having a hard time transitioning and they better get on board because the generation following us aint putting up with that shit. We don’t need to repeat what our first managers did or how they acted. Also looking at you Apple.


Wow, senior management at a large company gets special treatment. Film at 11