How to make oatmeal taste better?

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Everyone has their own tastes, but the question nobody has asked you is “What don’t you like about oatmeal?” Me, personally I hate when it’s watery. I love when it’s sticky, and not runny or soupy. But others don’t like that. It changes the taste and depending on the person can really ruin it as a breakfast meal. Also, how do you make yours? Water or milk, etc?


I dice half an apple and put it in just before its done cooking, then add cinnamon. I use steel cut oats because I like the texture better, and they come in quick cook.




Depends on the oats used but I prefer savory steel cut oatmeal to a berry and honey style rolled oats oatmeal. I usually put green onion, mushroom, green/red peppers, an egg, and a splash of soy sauce.


A drop of vanilla extract or some honey will give it a nice flavor without adding little to no sugar