Husband: Honey, I invited a friend home for dinner. Wife: What? Are you crazy? The house is a mess, all the dishes are dirty, and I can’t cook meal. Husband: I know all that. Wife: Then why did you invite the friend?

Husband: Because the poor fool is thinking about getting married.

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This reads like an AI analyzed /r/boomerhumor and came up with a joke.


Plot twist: the friend is a woman and she’s going to learn that she doesn’t want a man messing up her house and expecting her to clean it up.


The 1950s called. They’d like this joke back.


Ahahahahahaha I hate my wife and she doesn’t do the chores hahahaha!! I mean I don’t do the chores but she doesn’t either!! Ahahah and she is wamen!!! Ahahahah is funi!


‘Lol wife bad and doesn’t do all of the housework and take care of me like the manbaby I am, women are the worst amirite?’