Hysterical Tennessee Republicans Fire Vaccine Chief for Encouraging Vaccines: Meanwhile, the state will stop all adolescent vaccine outreach—for all diseases, not just COVID-19.

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Killing children to own the libs… Party of “pro-life” my fucking ass. We got a taste how people like Hitler rose to power, we’re now seeing antecedent conditions for the Dark Ages.


Imagine firing someone for telling local doctors what the vaccination laws are for kids since the 80s. I don’t have words for this level of stupidity and malice.


Is the US collapsing? The stupid keeps intensifying.


Tennessee doctors better start brushing up on their historical disease symptoms. Going to be a lot of things moving around that haven’t been seen in decades.


Conservatives have gone full Jim Jones, and are now just willfully Darwining themselves to “pwn tha Libs”. This is a Death Cult.