I was traveling on a 10 hour flight and thought I’d have a quick chat to make time go by faster

So I turn towards the young person beside me. Me: Hello, would you like to have a quick chat to make time go by quicker? She: Sure. What do you want to talk about? Me: So why don’t we talk about Iran’s Nuclear Program? Then she goes “All right then” and puts down her crayon. She then says “Can I ask you a question before that?”. I say “Yeah sure. Go right ahead”. She continues “When a horsey does a poo-poo it comes out in long tubes and yet when a sheep does a poo-poo it comes out in little pellets and yet when a cow does a poo-poo it comes out flat and round. Why is that?”. I say “That’s actually a very good question. I have no idea”. She then says “Well how do you expect me to talk about Iran’s Nuclear Program when you don’t know SHIT”. Credit:Omid Djalili

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Since when does horse poop come out in long tubes?


Yo, hold up – let’s talk about why Wombats poop cubes first.


the real joke is thinking i’d want to talk with someone on a plane.


Dude got roasted by a little girl, must’ve hurt


An atheist decided to take on a priest in a public religious debate. Both men took their places before the audience, and the atheist launched into a long introductory tirade on any given deity is nothing but the fruit of ignorant imaginations, and how organized religion was nothing but deception and a money-making scheme for any given faith or denomination. When he finally stopped, the priest asked: “Son, before I make my rebuttal, could you indulge me for one question? Why is it when a cow shits, she plops out a patty, but when a bull shits, his shit just sprays out?” The atheist said indignantly, “Now just how and why would I know that?” The priest retorted, “Now then, how are you planning to debate the matters of God, eternity and purpose of religion when you clearly don’t know shit?”