If we lived forever, we would obsess about how to not live forever.

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We would mostly likely obsess on how to get rid of boredom.


Imma jump into a black hole. Take that, immortality!


Reminds me of an episode from the new season of Love, Death and Robots. It’s about a society where we have figured out how to extend our lifespans, but it led to extreme overpopulation, to a point where having a child became a crime punishable by death. “Can’t let anyone in to this party when nobody’s leavin.” That was a heavy one.


Interesting point, if suicide is possible still however…. would anyone want to move into a house if the prior owner killed themselves in it after living there for 800 years…I bet they would become tombs which would create a whole other problem


I think we’d be more worried about colonizing space or how to live in a volcano or something cause too many people