If you see a fat kid, it tells more about the parents than the kid themself.

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My parents grew up skinny and with very little food security in the Depression. So they thought they were doing me a favor by fattening me up, until our family doctor set them straight. This was in the 1960’s. So while OP is right, sometimes their motivations are pure.


Depends on the age of the kid


No i disagree. There are so many factors that you dont realise yet.


100% agree. On rare cases it can be unavoidable like I remember seeing a girl on tv that had a condition that meant she always felt like she was starving but overweight like a real version but that condition is rare. Kids, especially very young kids, are fat purely because of their parents, it can often start as babies, either the parents are really fat so give their kids lots of food and are their roll model or sometimes people give them lots just to keep them quiet After that it’s just upbringing and too much food, no proper diet etc plus it’s literally the parents responsibility to keep their kid at a healthy weight.


I know someone who’s overweight, simply because her family situation sucks so they order out a lot and eat a lot of processed food She does football, but her diet sucks (and it might also be genetic) so she has weight issues Generally, it’s either a parental issue, or some sort of familial or a economic issue